Graphical representation room full of Bitcoin miners
Graphical representation room full of Bitcoin miners

Supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem

At Marathon, we aim to facilitate greater transparency, financial inclusion, and economic freedom by enhancing the development and security of the world’s first public blockchain ledger, one block at a time. We believe in a more open, inclusive, and fair financial system, and we believe Bitcoin is key to making it happen.



We’re different. We're currently in the process of building one of the largest, most agile, and most sustainably powered Bitcoin mining systems in North America, while remaining asset light. Rather than building and operating data centers, we focus on increasing our computing power (hash rate) and becoming more energy efficient while staying lean and staying green.

A key component of our strategy is to co-locate our operations at sustainable energy sites, when feasible, to ensure our power source is as sustainable as possible and to reduce the stresses placed on our electrical grid infrastructure.

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