Strategic Partnerships

Consistent Access to
Low-Cost Electricity via Beowulf

Beowulf Energy Logo

A Best-in-Class Energy Generation Company

  • Developed, constructed, acquired, and operated over $5 billion of power generation and industrial assets
  • Current Portfolio: 2.3 gigawatts of energy assets
  • Owns 3 million shares in Marathon (skin-in-the-game)

Beowulf provides Marathon with a stable supply of electricity & opportunities for future growth

  • 500+ MW earmarked for future blockchain & data center expansion
  • Data center can house up to 30,000 S19 miners (3.320 EH/S)
  • Leveraging expertise to open a second data center

Priority Access to the Industry’s Premier Miners

Bitmain Logo

The premier supplier of the industry’s most advanced ASIC miners

  • Guaranteed, priority access to the industry’s top miners decreases risk of supply constraints & creates unique barrier to entry
  • Fixed price to hedge against anticipated future price increases