Strategic Partnerships

South Dakota

Hosted by Compute North

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Marathon’s original mining facility

  • +2,000 miners (0.2 EH/s)
  • Operational as of Q3 2020


Powered by Beowulf Energy

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A stable supply of low-cost electricity

  • +30,000 S19 miners (3.3 EH/s)
  • Economic stimulus to local Native American community
  • Owns 6 million shares in Marathon (skin-in-the-game)


Hosted by Compute North

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Access to infrastructure with no cap ex & foundation for carbon neutrality

  • +73,000 S19 miners (7.0 EH/s)
  • Access to 300 MW facility with no capital expenditure
  • 100% carbon neutral mining operations from renewable energy sources
  • Opportunities for expansion with favorable terms


Supplied by Bitmain

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Industry leading performance, accelerated timelines, & competitive pricing

  • Purchased c. 130,000 S19 miners
    • Premier customer status
  • Blended cost paid per TH = $27.11